Nana the brand was created by Quebec’s own multi-talented media personality, Marina Bastarache. A TV host with a strong social media presence and a fashionista with an eye for the tiniest detail.

First launched as a swimwear brand for globe-trotters, Nana has now expanded into a legitimate brand for women: swimwear, jewelry, sunglasses, clothing, intimates, and it is still increasing its offer.


In a world where the fashion industry keeps telling women that they are inadequate for their size, color, religion, sexual orientation, and so on; Nana The Brand is created by women to make women feel empowered and beautiful no matter what their lifestyle is. Simply put; being a women is a freaking superpower and our brand embraces just that!

Our mission is to offer well-priced, top quality fashion pieces that are trendy, ethical, inclusive, eco-friendly, and that fit just right. Plus, add a touch of self-love, girl power, and a whole lot of fun in our creations; making women feel amazing in them!

Nana the brand is whoever she wants to be.
Nana is the women of her own time, her own beliefs, her own force, her own hopes, and dreams.

We promise to

  • Always give our best effort in making sure women feel represented by Nana the Brand.
  • Share our success with our community and help out those in need.
  • Surround ourselves with the best team possible in order to have the highest quality products for the lowest price.
  • Think of planet earth and put all our efforts into making this brand greener every day.
  • Live life to its fullest, smile a lot, travel often, share positivity, and love deeply.
  • Be there for women, because Girl Power is what we are all about!