Our brand keeps our social purposes intertwined with our business purposes. As such, every year, Nana the brand gives back to its community in order to share our joy with the rest of the world.

Based on what’s going on in the world and the brand’s values, we have selected three organizations that we give back to every year.


This organization makes a difference by supporting youth from underprivileged neighborhoods in Montreal, Canada, and by helping kids gain the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. More than 80% of the kids at P3P are within the black community, helping to curb systemic racism.

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Plastic Ocean Foundation Canada

This non-profit organization’s purpose is to raise awareness about plastic pollution and make concrete efforts through a direct-action program; such as clean-ups on Canada’s three shores, eradicate single-use plastic, and foster solutions and changes through consumer behavior, corporate and public policy.

“Together we can create a healthier ocean for a healthier you.”

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Plan International Canada – Because I am a girl

Every day, millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights, simply because they’re girls. This initiative supports girls’ rights in order to end many injustices based on gender, such as child marriage, lack of education, and gender-based violence.

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Our planet

Another social responsibility of ours is to go greener by the minute as a way of thanking our planet.

For instance, we strive to create items in organic cotton rather than regular cotton. It does not use harmful chemicals in its process, leaving the air, water, and soil free from contamination. It also produces over 40% less CO2 than a regular cotton production.
We are currently working on finding affordable swimwear fabric made out of nylon fishnets left in the oceans, rather than “regular” swimwear fabrics.

Our store’s mailing envelopes are either 100% recyclable and 100% made of recycled plastic, or 100% compostable.

As such, our team is constantly working on sourcing affordable materials leaving a lighter footprint for the next generations. Feel free to send us your green recommendations to info@nanathebrand.com